Friday, 28 May 2010

camping out

Well it is half term and we are off camping to the gower penisula. I keep google-ing weather reports until I find one that I like. We have packed plenty of jumpers, wellies, blankets, underwear,sandals, t-shirts, bikinis, swimsuits, nappies,tomato ketchup, tea, books, knitting supplies, paper, tin cups, buckets, spades, knives, forks, spoons,pens, balls, a boat, pancake mix, tea towel, fruit, games, lanterns, children and a tent.
Wish us luck and good weather

Monday, 8 March 2010


Not been blogging much lately. Am currently pinned to sofa next to sickly child watching some weird toy llamas boring people children into passivity on Cbeebies.

Soooo, little one Sr is a school boy, s'brilliant actually, we all like it. His teacher is very impressive and I am able to make little one Sr behave simply by threatening to tell his teacher about his behaviour, brilliant. Today though he has been sent home looking pale and smelling of sick.

Things of interest lately are knitting and sewing. Love knitting so much I got told off for doing it at work

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Yummy Mummy

Well we had our summer holidays, small thatched cottage near a pooh stick bridge and a short drive to swanage and lulworth cove. Was nice, even the bit where we tried to cook live lobsters with little one Sr hiding under the table screaming - well actually that was a bit wrong but what can you do.

I am really looking forward to little one Sr starting school, not just because it is a milestone and because he will look so sweet in his little uniform but because he is driving me mad.
In the last 15 minutes we have had:-
"Mum, look! You can go down the stairs head first and still have teeth"
"Why do you lie about crisps"
"Steam means hot - I don't want my food to be hot"
"My food is cold, I don't want my food to be cold"
"Why does he get strawberries"
"I don't want any strawberries now"
"I don't like that banana, can i open another one"

through a chink in the skirting is a parallel universe where I wear Cath Kidston and my house smells of fresh baking. This is my kitchen:-

I have actually been productive today, one swimming lesson, two playdates, lunch for six and everything sorted for the evening meal - just need to bath the little ones and then make a fancy dress costume and a lot of biscuits for camping at the weekend. Just thinking about it makes me want to drink wine and have a fag but you can't sew like that so I best crack on with it all.

Thinking about Davids last summer by Pulp - that time of year again. Can't find it on Youtube - bugger!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009



I have been thinking a lot about drugs recently - not as a way to get through the summer holidays and I have half the neighbourhood kids round.
Yesterday I encountered my first GHB withdrawal - I was shocked and after ten years of working in the field I am not often shocked. The night before I had been watching Louis Therouxs very sad program about crystal meth.

Scary stuff.

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Have been a very good Mum today and done all manner of mumly things with the boys and we are all now happy and covered in mud - was danger mum and sent the little one jr down some crazy slides with just little one sr to catch him. Also did bike riding and gardening. Little one sr driving me really mad by just being loud - doors a slamming, all a shouting, it is horrible. He has actually been a little star today but I do wish he had a volume control - or a mute button.
Am perhaps a little irritable and pre-menstrual today, I kind of realised this when I was singing "chuggington, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking Chuggington".
Not much to report, seen some good films recently. Most jaw dropping was "The Wrestler"
Ah - just remembered that I have to tell the husband that I have broken the greenhouse door.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Parents Evenings

Little one sr is being brilliant at the moment, telling me i look nice, telling his Dad that he is great, playing nicely with everyone and just generally being an absolute star.
Little one jr is turning out to be very good at smiling and then burrowing his head down and giving coy glances. He is also getting good at throwing stuff, marvellous at it - A*.
Apart from that we have been slipping into getting the beers and fags out when the kids are in bed, entirely the wrong kind of parents evenings.
Anyway, we are bucking our ideas up and going to be clean, serene and all excercised up. I haven't done Brenda Dycrap for a week and fear she will shout at me when I next put the DVD on.

This made me laugh this week

Thursday, 2 July 2009

don't buy this

but by all means watch the advert!

we had little one Sr. first parents evening tonight and yeah we were so impressed that I am almost ashamed to talk about it but I have to admit that he cannot yet hip hop until he don't stop and for that I would like to give the evian babies kudos.